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happy st. patrick’s day

;-) about as close as I get to being Irish. ;-)

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Surfing the Biggest Waves at the 2014 Mavericks Invitational

For more photos and videos from the Mavericks Invitational, explore the Mavericks Beach location page and follow Mavericks competitors @carlosburle, @donkeyshow and @jamie_sterls on Instagram for the athletes’ perspective.

On Friday, the world’s top surfers descend on Half Moon Bay, California, to compete in the Mavericks Invitational big-wave surf contest. Wave faces promise to be up to 12 meters (40 feet) tall and exceptionally powerful. “You can immediately feel the raw power of Mother Nature leaving the harbor and entering the open ocean,” says Instagrammer Matt Bauer (@mattcbauer), who is sharing photos and videos from a boat in the heart of the competition. “This legendary wave requires the right elements to align to show its fierce face. Luckily today is one of those days!”

For decades, the location has been known to host some of the biggest swells of all time—attracting surfers and spectators from across the globe. In 1999, the first surfing competition was held at Mavericks, and the competition has become one of the world’s most legendary surfing events. The exact timing of Mavericks is unpredictable, as the waves require perfect weather conditions to break at such size. Once the right conditions are detected and invitations sent out, competing surfers have just a few days to get to the event.

I SO wish I was back home!!!

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Confused tree.  We have this tree in our backyard.  When we first saw the house, in April, it was blooming.  Now, all the leaves have fallen, and we have had abnormally cold temperatures, and it is trying to bloom again.  Today we had a little dusting of snow - maybe now the tree will realize that it really is winter?  I can’t blame it for trying to pretend like it’s spring - I wish it was spring, too.

Destruction Island

Typical winter day out at Ruby Beach, WA.  I can’t wait to go back on a summer day, and actually see the colors.  It was so grey, that it is nearly impossible to tell the color photos from the black and whites.

Dead Man’s Cove.  Cape Disappointment, WA

I noticed this inlet on my hike up to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.  It was SO calm and pretty on an otherwise crappy and stormy day!